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obesity (weight loss) center

If you’re struggling with your weight, you’re not alone. More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese and many have medical conditions that affect their weight. Some have tried various diets and fitness programs with little or no success. With so much available nutrition and weight loss information, most people don’t know where to begin, or how to get the results they want.

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Infertility cure center

infertility cure center It’s a well known fact — 92% from the women who use standard treatments to improve their own odds of getting pregnant are unsuccessful or even wind up a whole lot worse as compared to when they started. Now you can discover ways to become inside the successful 8% party which retains the inability to conceive away forever.

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fetus training center

Pregnancy is a happy andjoyous time of life for many women. It can also be a challenging time of life as mother's body goes through numerous changes in order to create and support the development of a new life. Ayurveda is an excellent addition to the care provided by medical doctors and midwives. Ayurveda creates support for the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies of the mother and her baby.

suvarn prashan center

Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana) also known as Swarna bindu prashan is an unique Ayurvedic preparation that is known to enhance the immune power of human body. Swarna means gold and Prashana refers to act of consuming. The act of consuming noble metal gold “Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana)” is considered as one of the 16 essential Sanskars (regimens) described for improving overall health in children.

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diet planing according to ayurveda

Ayurveda offers individualized diets that are gentle and easy to stick to. Also, gentle but potent natural Ayurvedic remedies for weight loss that don't have side effects and don't create dependence. No wonder that in the last decade Ayurvedic weight loss is becoming increasingly popular in the West.

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thyroid research center

Amrutkalp Ayurvedic Panchkarma Hospital provides complete cure for the hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism as well. we have treated lots of patients with these problems at our centre.Amrutkalp Hospital provides complete cure for this disease. In other system of treatment pt. dependent on medications and he has to continue it throughout life long, with pesistent symptoms. Thus patient get tired of this disease and wants to get rid from this disease.

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arthritis cure center

According to the study of Ayurveda, Rheumatoid is described as “Amavatha”. Here the word ‘Ama’ depicts toxic material that is generated as an unwholesome product in the body that evolves due to weakening of digestive fire. The toxic material is then carried by ‘Vayu’ throughout the body and gets accumulated in the joints by making it gradually affected. This as a consequence causes severe pain and swelling in the joints and making you experience the problem of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

beauty treatment center

Ayurveda approach towards the beauty is not only external but is deeply rooted inside the body. Ayurveda firmly believes that the true beauty comes from within.Along with external treatments, it puts more emphasis on internal approach. This ancient wisdom offers beauty enhancing treatments which are purely natural and are free from toxic chemicals unlike modern cosmetics that contain skin irritants and carcinogenic ingredients.

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diabetes research center

Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes, as mentioned in the scriptures and followed by dharma family, primarily involves reviving and rejuvenating the insulin -producing beta cells of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas to produce adequate insulin and improving the responsiveness of body tissues especially muscle and fat cells towards the secreted insulin. Life style modifications and diet adjustments are also employed in swiftly taking control of the blood sugar levels.

scientific ayurvedic diagnosis &treatments.

Ayurveda is an ancient health care tradition that has been practiced in India for at least 5,000 years. The word comes from the Sanskrit terms ayur (life) and veda (knowledge).