What is Panchakarma?


Panchakarma is a set of five therapies designed mainly for cleansing the body of toxins. Ayurveda considers that the purification of the body is important before the commencement of any other therapy. Just such as old dirty linen is washed and purified before new colour can be added, similarly the body needs to be purified before replenishing it with the new colours of health, youthfulness, vigour and vitality.

Benefits of Panchakarma

  • Complete cleansing of the body
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Opening up of blocked channels
  • Improving strength of digestive fire
  • Speeding up metabolism
  • Reducing weight
  • Rejuvenation of tissues
  • Relaxing the mind
  • Relieving stress
  • Boosting immunity

The Five Therapies panchakarma


Vamana (Emesis)

In this treatment, a patient is given internal and external oleation and fomentation therapies for few days. Once the toxins get liquefied and gather in upper cavities of body, the patient is given emetic medicine and decoction. This induces vomiting and helps to eliminate toxins from the body tissues. Vaman therapy is especially recommended primarily for kapha-dominated conditions such as obesity, asthma and hyperacidity.

Virechana (Purgation)

In virechan, purgation or elimination of toxins occurs through the evacuation of the bowels. In this treatment as well, the patient is given internal and external oleation and fomentation therapies. After that, the patient is given a herbal laxative to facilitate evacuation of the bowels that helps in cleansing the body of toxins. Virechan therapy is recommended primarily for pitta-dominated conditions such as herpes zoster, jaundice, colitis, celiac disease etc.

Nasya (Errhine)

This therapy is effective in clearing and cleansing the head region. At the beginning of the therapy, the head and shoulder regions are given a gentle massage and fomentation. Then, nasal drops are administered in both the nostrils. This brings about the cleaning of the entire head region and relieves various types of headache, migraine, hair problems, sleep disorders, neurological disorders, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis and respiratory diseases.

Basti (Medicated Enema)

Administering medicated substances through enema is Ayurveda's unique contribution to the medical world. The therapy has enormous benefits, especially in complicated and chronic diseases. As per the nature of disease, herbal decoctions, oils, ghee or milk are administered into the rectum and this has incredible positive effects. This therapy is extremely effective against vata-dominated conditions such as arthritis, piles and constipation.


This therapy is good for cleaning of blood and effective against diseases caused due to impure blood. It can be done in a specific area or for the entire body. This therapy is particularly useful in various skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and also in local lesions such as abscesses and pigmentation.

abhyanga image

Abhyanga (oil massage)

Abhyanga Snana or medicated oil massage belongs to the Purvakarma or the preparatory measures for Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda. It is an ancient oleation therapy, traditionally given by two masseurs, who work in tandem, synchronizing their strokes and massage according to the circulatory and marma points for sixty minutes. Detoxifying sesame oils are chosen according to one's illness.


It is procedure in which medicine is poured on the head by unique procedure for a particular period is known as Shiro Seka or Shiro Pariseka or Shiro Dhara. As indicated by different pharmaceuticals it is named appropriately. Taila dhara , Ghrita dhara , Madhu dhara, Takra dhara ,Quath dhara ,Kshira dhara ,Kaanji dhara , Luke warm dhara is prompted in Vata and Kapha issue while Cool dhara is exhorted in Pitta and Rakta issue.

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Steam Bath

Swedana is a glowing therapy wherein a person sits inside a box keeping their head out. This box contains a mixture of herbs and medicinal leaves. The person sits in the steam box which is filled with herb-infused steam for about ten minutes to half hour. The herbs are added to the steam therapy according to the individual’s state of imbalance. This therapy helps to drive the herbal oil deeper into the layers of the person’s skin. The sweating helps to remove toxins.

kati basti

The word Kati refers to Low back and Basti stands for retaining something inside, in this case mainly medicated oil. The procedure of applying heat to the sacral or lumbar region by retaining warm medicated oil within a specially formed frame in this area is popularly known as ‘Kati Basti’. This is form of giving fomentation to localized area.

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Janu Basti

The knee joint is called Janu Sandhi in Sanskrit; hence the name Janu Basti is given to the proceduredone on knee joints. In this the knee joint is bathed with warm medicated oil or freshly prepared herbal decoction. Depending on the condition it can be practiced over both the knee joints or on one knee joint. Knee joints are considered as sandhi Marma in Ayurveda (joint type of vital areas) which measure about three fingers (three anguli pramana).So the janu vasti is specialized knee therapy or massage which rejuvenate the janu marma.

Greeva Basti

The phrase Greeva Basti is from Sanskrit. The word Greeva refers to neck and Basti stands for container or retaining something inside. It is an Ayurvedic neck care and basically a hot oil therapy. Greeva Basti is bathing the neck region with medicated oil or freshly prepared herbal decoction. The procedure does oleation and sudation around the neck region simultaneously.

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Beauty Treatment

A complete facial procedure using a combination of ayurvedic herbs and the highly nourishing and detoxifying mud from the Dead Sea. The high mineral content of the mud is what makes it so effective in detoxifying and rejuvenating the skin by improving the flow of nutrients to the skin surface.An exotic facial using fresh, natural beauty enhancing herbs like milk cream, curd, mint, honey, turmeric and various other ayurvedic herbs.An exotic facial using fresh, natural beauty enhancing herbs like milk cream, curd, mint, honey, turmeric and various other ayurvedic herbs.


This is a special tratment in which the eyes are bathed in pure medicated ghee(redined butter). This treatment is recommended between 8 - 15 minutes.Netra means eye and Tarpan means giving strength to the eyes. The medicated ghee is poured over the eyelids in an enclosure built around the eye out of wheat flour. It is said to be an excellent treatment to improve vision and clarity of the mind.

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Patra Pinda

This treatment is mainly a massage treatment with herbs and herbal preparations. Herbs and fresh plants of particular importance for this massage are fried with several other herbal ingredients and tied into number of boluses and then dipped into medicated herbal oils. Normally the patient is directed to lie in different positions when the massage actually starts, though according to doctor's guidance he can be directed to other sitting or standing postures as per the requirement of the convenient of the massage.

karna Puran

The ayurvedic procedure of instilling medicated oils or clarified butter (ghee) in the ears is called Karna Purana. It is beneficial in ear diseases including hearing loss, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease (characterized by mainly vertigo), swimmer’s ear and other diseases related to the ears.

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Heart Basti

The medicated oil is retained on the chest wall which gives a positive influence on the heart chakra which in turn has a beneficial effect on the mind and gives strengthening effect to the heart muscle. This therapy nourishes, strengthens, balances heart function and rejuvenates the heart through Hridaya marma.Hridaya basti is a special technique aimed at providing relief to people suffering from heart related diseases using warm medicated oil or herbal decoction, poured on the chest and kept over the chest for 45 minutes.

Gandush & Kaval

Gandush & Kaval – 15-20 MinutesRetaining of medicated liquids/solids in oral cavity Beneficial to both healthy as well as diseased persons. Strengthen the jaw, teeth, melodious voice, lips cracking, dryness of throat, dental carries, Ulceration in oral cavity, teeth ache etc.

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Shiro Basti

This is a procedure in which a belt is fastened around the head covering a portion of the forehead so that a well like formation takes place over the head. This well is then filled with oil and kept for some time. This is also beneficial in diseases of the head especially in difficulties arising due to injuries of the head.The oil poured into the head is allowed to remain there for certain period and this procedure of murdha taila is known as shirobasti.


Sarvangadhara or Parisheka treatment is a priceless gift of Ayurveda towards a comprehensive psycho-somatic healing. The beauty of the treatment is that it can be taken by both categories of people – the healthy and the ailing. It is not only a time-tested effective remedy for many physical ailments, but also the best in the business of relieving the mind related stress.

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